About BullyPedia Pedigrees

me_louBullyPedia started its journey in late 2009 as a hobby project by  Mr. Randy R. Soriano.  Randy is a  2001 graduate of ECPI College of Technology where Mr. Soriano received his Associates Degree in Web Development. BullyPedia Pedigrees went online pedigree database was officially launched on April 10th 2010 and went viral within the American Bully community. Within the first 6 months, BullyPedia garnered 8,000 members almost overnight. Since then, BullyPedia continues to provide its pedigree database services for free and BullyPedia is still evolving as the premiere knowledge base for all things “bully”.

BullyPedia Pedigrees quickly became the most accessed website for  the American Bully pedigrees on the internet. Catering to the new bully enthusiasts, hobby breeders & to the most accomplished breeders/kennels; BullyPedia serves not only a breeding tool but a way to research,share & market your American Bully pedigrees all in one place.

As of June 2014, BullyPedia expanded its product offerings to now include other “Bully Breeds” including The French Bulldog, The Shorty Bull, The English Bulldog, The American Bulldog & Olde English Bulldogge.

Online Presence

 BullyPedia’s averages 100k unique visitors and 2 million page impression a month making BullyPedia one of the most visited pedigree website in the world today. BullyPedia continues to promote it’s product & services throughout the U.S. and abroad.