By Jennifer Marie Zeumalt on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 8:15pm





Enter dog names in Capital letters.

Add birthdays, weights, heights, proper colors (if a dog is blue and white don’t just put blue), registration numbers (please indicate, ABKC, UKC, ADBA….ETC….) if available.

Please put breeders and owners names if you know it, breeder and owner names should be entered normal, and not capital letters, again this just looks better. DO NOT use kennel names as owner/breeder names, there is a field for that.

Always check to make sure that the dog you are entering is not already in the database, 9 times out it 10 it already is.Add ‘PR’, CH, and GRCH ETC…. In the TITLE FIELD, at the bottom of the page when entering information. When entering CH and GRCH please indicate what kind….AKC, UKC, ABKC, ADBA, ABBA, ABRA,SDJ, ETC……The proper way to enter a UKC GRCH is U-GRCH…for example a dog that is an AKC CH/U-GRCH ‘PR’ is an AKC Champion and a UKC Grand Champion and Purple Ribbon bred.

Add DNA-P, DNA-VIP, TT, and CGC in the name field after the dog’s name, but do not use comma’s to separate them. This will not allow you to add the dog in the edit field

Please put the country of birth and standing, if the dog is born in the USA and lives in the USA please put it. We have a lot of dogs from other countries in the database.


DO NOT add pedigrees for non members or banned members, dogs you do not own or did not produce. You WILL lose your account. If anyone asks you to load a pedigree for them tell them they need to apply for membership by emailing Jennifer at If you add pedigrees for non members or banned members your account will be disabled. If you attempt to charge non members to post a pedigree for them your account will be disabled and all of your dogs will be removed from the site!

DO NOT add any other breed of dog to the database other than American Bullies, American Pit Bull Terriers or American Staffordshire Terriers….NO English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, Shorty Bulls or any other breed of dog!

DO NOT Change any information on a pedigree that has been certified. Those pedigrees are verified and all information is correct as it appears on the papers. If you change anything on a certified pedigree, i.e. dogs name, owners/breeders, etc… you will be banned immediately. It does not matter if you have certified dogs in the database, how many dogs you have in the database and who you are. You WILL be banned.

DO NOT Add ‘PR’, CH, GRCH, ETC….. In the name field!!!! This creates confusion and duplicate entries.

DO NOT BACKSPACE THE NAME FIELD IN AN ATTEMPT TO ERASE OR DELETE THE PEDIGREE (INCLUDING YOUR OWN!!!) This does not erase or delete them. Only administrators can delete pedigrees. Even though it looks as if the pedigree has been erased it is still there, you just can’t get to it. This in turn clutters the database and makes it very sluggish and will make the system crash. This is also considered tampering with pedigrees, even if it is a pedigree you did or of one of your dogs. BACKSPACING WILL GET YOUR ACCOUNT SUSPENDED PERMANENTLY! There are no more second chances on this one and we will not warn you when your account is suspended.

Do not spell out Champion or Grand Champion in the title field. The ONLY things listed in the title field should be just that, titles. Do not put RIP in the title field; place this in the notes section. Do not put extremely bully, big head, etc…. in the title field put that in the notes section.

Do not put quotes “” in the name fields, as this will cause the names in the quotes of the dog and the parents to disappear if anyone goes to add something to the pedigree. For example….Gator’s “Bullet” of SMB if someone goes to add something to this pedigree the only thing that will remain when you edit is Gator’s and the parent’s names will disappear also.

DO NOT use kennel names or nick names for owners/breeders. You must your your real name as it appears on your papers.

There is a list of dogs that are not allowed to be added to the database, at the request of these dog’s owners they ARE NOT to be added. You must go to the message board to look at the DNL. Adding these dogs will get you banned. If a dog that is on the DNL is in your pedigree….for example AKC CH ORBAN’S TULA RUE is NOT to be added. She does have offspring in the database, in that case, add the sire (as long as he’s not on the DNL) and in the notes section put “ DAMN IS AKC CH ORBAN’S TULA RUE, AT THE DAM’S OWNERS REQUEST SHE CAN NOT BE ADDED TO THE DATABASE” There are several dogs on the DNL. Please check it, we will be checking often to make sure these dogs are not added to the database.

We are trying to keep Bullypedia looking nice and accurate. There are a lot of breeders that do not respect the Bully world and if you can’t accurately enter a pedigree and make it look presentable then it reflects poorly on the Bully community.

Some dogs have 2 names (an ADBA and a UKC name) these dogs are to be entered with both names…for example COLDEN’S FELONY (AKA) CALIBLUE’S DOJA. If you do not do it this way it again creates duplicate entries for the same dog. Here is a perfect example of a correct pedigree:

This is the pedigree for AKC CH/NT’L GRCH/U-GRCH/ARBA CH ROWDYTOWN’S HARDROCK CAFÉ TT CGC SCT FAST-VG. Note the titles in his name. These are titles that go after the dog’s name. When these are added do not put commas in them.

I have placed a list of titles that go before a dog’s name (in the title field) and after the dogs name (in the name field) on the message board. Please use it for reference. There are a lot.

Closely study the pedigree above, this is a perfect example of what it should look like. Remember we are trying to keep Bullypedia presentable and looking professional.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask the Admin’s we are here to help you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Anyone caught entering pedigree’s incorrectly and that continue to put ‘PR’, CH, GRCH etc….will have their account suspended. We have fixed most of the pedigrees that had these and yet we still find new ones added every day.