Throwback BP Logo Circa 2010

fb_bullypedia_bannerBullyPedia Logo- 2010

This was our first logo created in 2010. It sports a red “B” & “P” with our motto at the bottom  which reads “Making Bully History One Pedigree At A Time” Our “og” banner can be seen at just about any American Bully shows &  American Bully websites. Feel free to use our logo, all we ask is that you leave the colors and size original.

BullyPedia Is Its’ Own Webhost

“Where is the BullyPedia Sites Hosted?”
BullyPedia Pedigrees owns & maintains its own line of physical machines containing thousands of our pedigree data, images & information. Unlike our competition which shares its bandwidth with hundreds of websites ; BP on the other hand, are our own web host domain and  manage all aspects of our servers, hardware,software  and our web resources. We believe our members should enjoy the benefits & advantages of a dedicated server just for  our members & BullyPedia Pedigree Databases. We believe you get what you pay for and you get alot with BP.

BullyPedia Releases Its Flagship Website

bpcomfront  BP released its final version of the long awaited Flagship website which will serve as the main website for all BP’s product lines. News and events, the latest show results & updates on the development of our new Pedigree Databases can be found here. Stay tuned and make sure to book mark out website.