Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled  a list questions that we generally receive. We try hard to answer each question but sometimes we miss one our two. Shoot us an email at if the questions are not listed. Thank you.

Why should i certify my dog or puppy with BullyPedia Pedigrees?

Answer: There are 2 types of Pedigrees found in BullyPedia, 1. a non “certified” pedigree & 2. a “certified” The difference is that with a BullyPedia Certified Pedigree, BullyPedia holds papers for the certified dog & locked from future modifications. It says to the public that you had taken extra steps to have BullyPedia authenticate, record & validate your dogs pedigree.

How can i become a member of BullyPedia?

Answer: We require all  new members wishing to have their dog in our Pedigree Database to complete ourCertification Application.

I want my own account in BullyPedia, what do i need to do?

Answer: If you are wanting your own account in BullyPedia, you will need to complete ourSingle Dog Certification Applicationand mail it in for processing.

I bought a puppy that’s already in BullyPedia, how can i change the owner information to me?

Answer: You will need to provide documentation, pictures of the dog & complete ourCertification Application .

My dog is already in BullyPedia, why do i need to apply?

Answer: Since BullyPedia does not hold papers for non-certified dogs, there is no way of accurately identify the owner of that dog. You will need to complete our Single Dog Certification Application  and provide ownership documents.

I see that some dog pedigrees that has CP* at the end of their names, what’s CP*?

Answer: CP* indicates a BullyPedia Certified Pedigree, it is a unique identifier for dog’s that have completed our Certification Process. The CP* title is only found in BullyPedia Pedigrees as we are proud to have a hand in preserving your dog’s heritage. Ready to Certify?

I need a printed application mailed to me, who do i contact?

Answer: Please send a self stamped envelope, indicate how many applications you need and mail it off to:

BullyPedia Pedigrees Inc. P.O. Box 62048 Virginia  Beach, Virginia 23466

Which bully breeds does BullyPedia Pedigrees recognize?

Answer: We recognize the following breeds: American Bully, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pitbull Terrier, French Bulldog, Shortybull, American Bulldog, English Bulldog, Olde English Bulldogge, Pacific Bulldog & the Alapaha Bulldog.